Opinel Ebauche aka raw handled Opinel carvings one of my favorite portable pastimes when offshore, around the campfire, or backyard.

It all began with me looking for a simple Opinel knife like my french friends had. I visited a site and found what is called Opinel Ebauche, blank unfinished handles. Since I was gettting into wood carving I thought now this is a project I could could really enjoy! Opinel Ebauche come in different types of wood from exotic box wood and cherry to plain old walnut. I opted for the walnut as I didnt want to be out a lot of money if I ruined a handle. Well I haven’t and I’ve gambled on about five Opinel knives now. these wooden handled pocket knives have been around a while Simple and some of the sharpest knives I own. The ones I carve I carry for a while and then gift to my friends. In Fact one of my knives, the seahorse Accompanied my friends Eric & Jaime Taylor on a Pacific ocean crossing on a sailboat. you can read their blog here

I love my Opinel knives and hope to be able to share more of these and other carving projects on this page.