Shortwave Radio 

  Like most kids I was a lot to handle. When I visited Grandpa and Grandma there was just so much they could find  for us to do before they were worn out.  One day my Grandpa pulled this old set out of the closet under the stairs fetched a legal pad and a pencil. he […]

Whittling a face

Working offshore sometimes we sit around. I’m going on my second week out here. Whittling makes the days dockside sitting around go by much faster. I’m teaching myself to carve faces. I can’t quite copy the carving in the book. But what I have so far seems pleasing ( to my eye anyway).

Sunset Ventura Pier

I am enjoying my new Purchase a pristine Nikon film Body. I have since bought a 50mm f/1.4 af-d, a Vivitar all manual 285 flash and enough gear that I am fast approaching the level of kit I had when I shot professionally in digital with Canon. I have found that for color film the […]