Life on the Water

This Page will be for posting adventures, projects and Pictures of my small home a Nor’sea 27 sailboat.

Living aboard a Boat with the idea of someday setting sail for a life of adventure is in fact an act of endurance. when I purchased my floating home back in 2008 I had these big ideas. I’d bring my boat to Florida and I’d embark on this amazing sail to key West as soon as the hull was wet. I’d point my sturdy little boat west into the setting Sun and visit places like Ft Jefferson. I’d embark on a jump across to Bahamas. I’d. I’d. Well, there wasn’t anything I wouldn’t or couldn’t do! I’d been varnishing and tweaking and working on the Elan Vital for most of the winter as she sat on a trailer In a snowy cow pasture in Colorado. these dreams fueled my desire for travel and gave purpose to my hands.

2012 is coming to close. I’ve owned my boat for a whole Presidential Term in office! It’s hard to believe. My boat is now in California. No I didn’t sail her here. I never made it to the Bahamas. I Never anchored by Ft Jefferson. Nope, none of those things. However, I found a lot of joy in just bopping around West Palm Beach when I was there. I’ve loved every sail I made around San Diego Bay and out to the Coronados. So far the biggest trip I’ve made was a Sail from San Diego to my new Home in Ventura California. Time and Money and other competing interests, In fact life have kept my little cruiser tied to the dock much more than I’d like to admit. And yet I still feel an almost childlike joy when I get the opportunity to take her out and share her with friends for a daysail to the Channel Islands or nights spent at anchor. Those little Jaunts are the thing that keep the possiblity of cruising alive in my heart.

I’ve sanded and scraped and hotgunned and re-applied lots of Varnish since that time in the cow pasture. I’ve rebuilt the head. I’ve reconfigured the interior for better living. I’ve fought with black algae and plugged fuel filters. I’ve learned to cook one pot meals. learned how to stow things. I’ve learned to navigate. I’ve learned to Anchor. I’ve learned to Reef in bad weather. I’ve even learned how to Emergency dock undersail. Oh so much I have learned…REALLY! I’ve basically lived on her and kept her in shape and improved on her, my little boat for four years. But thats the thing!

See, I have learned That the Elan and the Sea are my teachers. I’ve truly learned that you must walk before you can run. That gear is no substitute for experience. and that the only thing that can teach you that is time. With every sail. with every successful return there are lessons that have been learned. Tactics that could be improved on. and better ways of doing things.

A Captain I had the pleasure of knowing used to say, “Good Job Guys. Now, what did we do right and what did we do wrong out there today?” Our after action discussions always made for a more enjoyable sail the next time.

Four years and a few miles under the keel. Yes, I think I could do some of those big trips I’ve dreamed of doing.. What I’ve learned is yes I’m a sailor. A sailor with a lot to learn still.That living on this little boat has given me an intimate knowledge and trust in her I have for few other boats. What I’ve really Proven is Im stubborn enough to be in there for the long haul. What I’ve really gained is experience. It will be worth it when I do finally get to go.

Brent Eriksen