Lessons from the Road

Arista Edu 100 Asa stand developed in rodinol 60 min

I was walking across the strawberry fields to get to town from Ventura Harbor. I came across this postcard stuffed into the wire fence that separated the fields from the path. Out of curiosity I stopped to read it. It was a plea for forgiveness from somebody who used to be somebody’s close friend. I assume that the person who received the letter didn’t forgive the writer of this letter as they left this twisting in the wind. Life is far too short to harbor unforgiveness.

Recently while offshore I was working the deck with my Captain. A man I thought was tough as nails. With a constitution of a horse. Shortly After Breakfast and calling to visit with Various family members. he had a massive heart attack. I did my best to render first aid.I frantically tried to raise other boats in the area to render assistance. I even had to drive a 87ft work boat to shore on my own and liveboat near the pier for medical response people, the coroner, the fire Department, and the sheriff to come aboard. He was pronounced Dead. I did everything right. everything I could have done. but I couldn’t save him.

If there is one thing I learned its that none of us know when our time here is up. we should live accordingly. loving people, being a blessing, Speaking Up and taking a stand for what’s right. We should live each day ready to be released from our assignment here and called home to meet our Lord. Tell the people you care about you love them. forgive and forget. And by all means live with purpose! what if you run out of tomorrows? Are you ready?