Life out of a bag

I traveled as a photographer for 12 years. Living out of a bag presents its own unique challenges. These inspired me to try and blog about life on the road in 2011. January found me on my way to Tucson Arizona where I stayed for 7 weeks. Starting in the spring of that year, I hit the road for Tyler, Texas for two weeks. Worked in Katy, Texas for two weeks. Then flew from Houston to Albany NY. From Saugerties, New York I bounced back and forth to Southern california (one hour south of where I lived, so close but so far away)a few times. I did a week in Ohio, a Week In Lexington, KY. Another week in Culpepper, VA. Saw Colorado. Then finally made it home to my Sailboat in September. I traveled with a backpack and a laptop/camera bag. for the entire summer…that was it. I’ve changed careers and now work offshore on an offshore supply vessel/crewboat tending the oil platforms. I live on the boat for as much a fourteen days at a time. On this page I hope to post some things I learn in my travels and review gear I have come to appreciate during my experiences.

I have a lot of other interests that I’ll blog about here. From photography, woodcarving to Ham radio. My most recent interests are in self reliance and emergency preparedness.