Sand Piper of California

After 17 years my old backpack is finally getting a little tired. After lots of shopping and research, I ordered the 5016 Bugout from SandPiper California for . I ordered my S.O.C. Bugout, in Foliage green. The Bugout has a generous 2900 cubic inches of Storage, with a quick  slash of a zipper it can […]

Self-heating Meals From “Heater Meals”

You’ve been outdoors since breakfast, you’re a long way from home, it’s chilly, and you’ve beeen cold all day.  It’s times like this that nothing is more comforting then a hot meal.  It’s here that the Heater Meal shines. Gear tasting a #heatermeal for #outofabag A post shared by Out Of A Bag (@outofabag) on […]

MonteVerde USA Tool Pen and mechanical pencils

I have recently become very impressed with some newly acquired writing implements. They are from MonteVerde USA in Canoga Park, California. The brass barreled pen is all business and appeals to my utilitarian side. As an old mentor of mine used to say, “Pretty is as pretty does,” and these writing utensils are doers. The […]

Kaito KA1103 A Sideband Capable Portable Radio

ATTENTION! There is some really good reference material and links below. Hang on to them. Ok?   I’m really excited to announce that after talking to Kaito I have picked up their product line for my store. This Kaito KA1103 is a great high performance compact radio. Here are a few things you can do […]

There is a New Licensed Ham Radio Operator in Town

Me! I’ve had my radio and my technicians class license for a few months now.  The guys in ham radio are awesome. A super helpful and almost all knowing crowd. It’s like they have their finger on the pulse of everything that goes on within the transmission range of their Radios. They are very civics […]