Adventures in Rodinol stand developing


Being Lazy painted me into a corner. I had a paper lunch sack that held over Twenty rolls of undeveloped film. for the most part I didn’t know what camera I shot it thru. I didnt know if it was pushed or shot at box speed. some of it I didnt even know what it was because it was in bulk cassettes.Poking around the web I came across a process that rendered all that information not necesary. its called Stand developing.

I read about the process on JB Hildebrand’s site. I thought to myself now thats the remedy for my backlog and terrible note taking. you can read about it here.

Workflow Tutorial #2: Stand Development with Rodinal

Armed with this information I purchased the Rodinol from Freestyle and set aside a day for catching up. here are some of my results


I came across this gentleman and his chainsaw engine powered bicycle complete with sleeping pallet on wheels in a strawberry Field Just East of Ventura Harbor. Kodak Tri-x 400


This a picture I made at a wedding a while back of girls blowing soap bubbles. I forgot to set the Asa when I changed film. I was sure I shot it under exposed. it had rolled around on my boat for sometime as I tried to figure out how to get the pictures to turn out. as you can see Stand developing did the trick. Ilford Hp5



Arista Edu 100 Asa all these were developed in rodinol per instructions on JB’s website sometimes mix and matched in the tank. all let sit for 60 minutes. with an agitation at the half way point.


Kodak Tri-x 400 lift

Arista Edu 100 Asa

Arista Edu 100 Asa