Self-heating Meals From “Heater Meals”

You’ve been outdoors since breakfast, you’re a long way from home, it’s chilly, and you’ve beeen cold all day.  It’s times like this that nothing is more comforting then a hot meal.  It’s here that the Heater Meal shines.

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The Heater Meal uses the same technology that our military uses for their MRE’s. You insert the meal inside with the heating pouch, add the packet of water supplied, and the chemical reaction generates the heat to warm your meal up to 100 degrees over ambient temperature. These meals look like something you’d toss in the microwave for a quick lunch or dinner at home, in fact you essentially can prepare them the same way. They come with everything you need including salt, pepper, and other seasonings as well. I used them and to be honest these meals were better than I expected.

They have different types of meals. They have the “Heater Meal EX” this is an entree only, and is packaged for extended (EX) storage.  It comes with Eating utensils, heater and it works out to about $5.00 a meal when you purchase a case.  These will store for 5 years.

Then there is the “Heater Meal 3”. This meal box has an entree, powdered drink, dried fruit snack, and a dessert. This is the one that I tried, mine had M&M’s for dessert. It has the same long term storage entree but only has a shelf life of 3 years as opposed to the Heater Measl EX which has the shelf life of 5 years. I’m going to surmise that this is because of the extras included with the meal. This one works out to $5.75 per meal when you buy a case. Then there is the cadillac of them all the “Heater Meal Plus” .

The “Plus” has name brand snacks, cookies, a beverage, and extras. The meal cooks in its own tray that you can then use to eat it from. It is by far the most luxurious option. In my opinion you could make these part of your daily routine, especially if you work in the field or remote job site. This meal has a shelf life of up to one year. I think you will find that rotating your long term storage foods will be easy since this is a product that you won’t have to talk yourself into eating.  At $7.75 per complete meal that’s cheaper than McDonald’s.

Heater Meals take no refrigeration. They can live in your “go bag”. They are great for any outdoor endeavor I can imagine. The only consideration I can think of would be their weight. In an emergency, a blizzard, or power outage these meals would be a real moral booster. They are a big hit with kids, even big ones like me.

You can buy yours to have on hand for your next adventure by going to our online store.



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