Is Short Wave Radio Dead?

As I posted in a recent post I purchased a shortwave radio; something I had hours of fun with as a kid growing up.  I made the puchase with offshore sailing in mind, teaching myself to tune in and download weatherfax maps. Dx to find world radio braodcasts, and scan the upper sideband to listen to the ham radio operators chew the fat in the surrounding states with their home sets. the one thing you cannot get on shortwave is the noaa weather radio alerts you can with a specified weather radio’s you would buy and have on hand if you live in states prone to tornados and violent storms that give little warning. I must admit that urked me. its the most important thing you would think a multi band radio could possibly have. Anyway it got me thinking. Recently I just read a report that cars are going to begin to not provide radios and like ash trays and cigarette lighters be optional. I find it hard to believe. however I’m forty years old and I know more people that rock pandora or listen to their Mp3 list then actually listen to any radio programing. so is it really gonna go away? looks like it. I know talk radio Jocks are worried that their world as they know it may come to end. So whats left for radio? with satelite and data streaming being the thing?

I believe its still prudent to have a radio and in the future maybe even more important.

1. I live in California. recently there was an article and a lot of tv spots given to a scientist who’s research predict the largest earthquake in modern history to take place in the Pacific Northwest.  he stressed having at least one week of food and water stored for an event that he claims is going to happen. its not a matter of if its a matter of when. several times the man stressed having a radio calling it a transistor type radio with batteries.  portable reliable access to news, alerts, and announcements pertaining to where to seek help and location of aid station.

Ham radio operators practice emergency radio support. they do “field days” to drill and fine tune the setup and broadcast nuances to be on point for marathon support, firefighting , and natural disasters.  A shortwave radio puts you in direct earshot of that operation if you have one.  you can listen to their chatter. then tune to the AM radio side and find out what the official statements and news compare and make your own decision about your security.

2. I think our Media is nothing more than a propaganda machine. Recently I have had my statements and words twisted to fit a story the local news wanted to tell not convey what I actually said and felt about what they interviewed me about. I also have watched the coverage of a local oil spill I worked and watched the hype and spin and lies reported about it.  It’s really interesting to listen to a radio broadcast from another country BBC for example and hear how the world reports the same events that our news outlets report.  I’m afraid our news isn’t  news. its the fourth estate. really shaping what we believe about our world rather than leaving that to us.

3.  You may love your Pandora, be able to pull Iheart radio to stream news on that smartphone, but a radio is still the most efficient means of getting information. If that phone is still usable after a disaster you’ll want to reserve that for calling out. a radio can run hours and hours longer on a pair of batteries replaceable batteries to boot  than that cellphone or laptop that will be useless if you cannot find the power to charge it up again. finally there could be something soothing about spinning a knob hunting for a broadcast  when stranded with nothing but time on your hands. 

I think Radio will be less and less.  but since it is so easy to transfer information via the air that even GI’s during World War 2 could build one in their foxholes that didnt even need batteries to listen to it. It will never go away.  As our world gets weirder and weirder; who knows it may be the only place to get real  uncensored information Via Ham Operators or Pirate Radio.  I will try and put together a bunch of links  that i have been using to navigate the shortwave Jungle. but if you want to see the tip of the iceberge here is a page called whats on shortwave now
To See what’s broadcasting right now Via shortwave click this link : Shortwave schedule

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