How I found  fellow Sailor JR Liggett’s awesome Bar Shampoo

Originally when I started this blog it was with the intention of writing about life lived out of a bag. I had spent weeks and weeks away from home photographing horse shows all over the US.  As I traveled I found things that worked and wasted money on things that were gimmicky and didn’t work at all. Well since then I have worked and lived offshore where I truly have to take everything I need with me. my typical work week is called a “hitch”.  working a hitch means I take everything I am bound to need including my food for a week, my bedding, my clothes, my foul weather gear, My entertainment and my portable hobbies. I intend to highlight a few things I have really come to swear by.
One product I have grown to enjoy even more than I when I first discovered it is “JR Liggett’s Bar Shampoo”.

The story goes I had just moved to California home of everything green and earth friendly. I remember feeling like everything  came to a halt and silence crept into the room because I had just tossed a plastic water bottle in the trash…..  It was like I had sworn in church.

Growing up in the country we repurposed lots of things especially containers; coffee cans for scooping grain, mayo Jars for holding nails you get the idea. I was semi pissed off for being called out as a person who didn’t care for the environment. Well fine! When I stew over things, I stew over things!
Does anybody think it ridiculous to keep buying bottled water or buying plastic garbage to plug landfills  just to buy more?  buying crap that doesn’t last but feeling good about it because we sort our waste for a company who we pay to claim our waste and profit from it? Oh but the package says made with 10% less plastic… Give me a break!  Can you say mooooooo?

I went back to my boat and low and behold there were bottles of shampoo,conditioner and Lotions enough to fill a drum sized garbage container. My ex had left them on the boat when she left. The next thing I found were  handfuls of ballpoint disposable pens that didn’t work and disposible razors that were dull or new and rusting before they were ever used.

I recalled the last time we went sailing the water bottles taking so much space in the waste bucket that when the boat heeled over and they spilled they were like walking on ball bearings to navigate the galley below. A bonifide real safety hazard! When you live on sailboat and you are away from places to dispose of your trash the containers start taking up valuable living space. Well that did it!  I bought a Brita and a Kleen Canteen.

So being the guy I am, I thought well to hell with the recycler idiots. I’m going to research and buy as many things that I can use for a lifetime as I can find and I’m going to find alternatives to this junk we feel good about consuming because we recycle the packaging.

First on my list was the damn shampoo bottles! you have to understand that living on a boat is a bit different then living in an apartment or a house, there is limited space for starters. The thing moves. stuff inside it moves too. and when you are living in a marina you take a walk to the shower facilities up the dock or you go to the gym. That means you lug your shower stuff with you.
So, I thought to myself surely it couldn’t of always been like this! So, the hunt was on! and that’s how I found a bar of shampoo with an elegant solution for its use.

My friend James Liggett a fellow Sailor, has come up with quite possibly the slickest set up for the traveling man ever. Plus, a really great product to fill it with.

J.R. Liggett’s Natural Traveler has been my goto for the last  five years, three of those years offshore. The bar is a small 3.5 ounces but used with the traveler case it lasts really well and is an elegant alternative to anything else.
simply peel the paper off the homemade soap. dampen it and adhere the tab provided to the base of the bar. place the bar in the traveler until you need to use it. the traveler can be clipped to a hook. on the outside of a backpack or hung in the shower. the tab works as a soap dish if you are camping in the wilds, as well as helping to get the longest life from the bar. Also included is a microfiber washcloth that dries fast travels well and which also helps to get the most mileage from the bar.
I’ve used this bar for everything including shaving and laundry. it’s truly a travelers friend. Once you have used your J.R. Liggett’s bar shampoo. place it back in the traveler where it won’t get all over your stuff and there it dries hard for the next use. no scum no Ick. and lastly no bottle for the landfill!
JR Liggett’s Bar shampoo comes in a few variations: the original (this comes in the traveler), herbal, tea tree & hemp, jojoba & peppermint, virgin coconut & argan oil and my current favorite the new moisturizing formula with vitamin E, Aloe vera, and almond oil. give them all a try. you won’t be disappointed with the result.

click here to get yours

J.R. Liggett’s Natural Traveler

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