One year on the water.

I never have “blogged” before. I have never “worked” offshore before. Im fast approaching the one year mark working offshore on a crewboat In the Santa Barbara Channel of California. It has been a growth experience for me in so many ways. Learning to take what I would need to eat for fourteen days has been the hardest thing. I’ve never been much of a meal planner. what I’ve learned so far is that I can eat a whole lot better and whole lot cheaper than I do when I am home. my meals are really simple. The shopping has become second nature. Really I dont mind. I stick to stuff I know that I like. and I try and keep it very simple to prepare. There are just days when the sea and the schedule conspire against a sit down meal plan. That said in the next year, I hope to grow in my culinary skills and work on retention of the money I saved by bringing those skills to my sailboat at home. Its so easy to eat out every day when I am ashore and craving the company of a new people and conversation.

This world out here is as beautiful as it is dangerous. The friendships I’ve made are good ones. Sometimes you dont know what you’re capable of doing until circumstances conspire to bring it out of you. It certainly makes one feel alive. I have loved goofing around with my silly phone camera. I have been able to share some great images thru Instagram and thru Facebook. In this next year I aim to learn how to use this Blog and cultivate it. transitioning to doing more of this and less of that. I am out here on the water until the end of 2012. I step off this boat January 1st 2013. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year.Image







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