Caffenol photography

This was a fun image to capture. It was neat to have the perfect tool to make the most of this opportunity… an analog camera with b/w film. film developed with a mixture of instant coffee and Arm & Hammer washing soda with a dash of Vitamin C powder tossed in.


One of my favorite images I have created using Caffenol and B/W film. this is the skeletal remains of a Saguaro Cactus at Casa Grande in Arizona

Explorations in caffenol

An Old School Bus. Photo taken in the old copper Mining town Miami, Arizona.

Explorations in caffenol

The tonal range and grain structure are very pleasing to the eye. another photo from Miami Arizona

Explorations in caffenol

for more information on this process visit:

horsefly652000's All Caffenol photoset horsefly652000’s All Caffenol photoset

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