My Sailboat the Elan Vital

here is an excerpt from a letter I received from the original owner of my sailboat, The Elan Vital

Hello Brent
I saw your post on the Nor’Sea group and was surprised to find that Ted had sold the Boat. I know he was planning on it but I hadn’t heard anything for quite awhile. I did the original tooling on the Nor’Sea and I oversaw the building of the first 184 boats. It was Heritage marine back then in Long Beach . You probably know about Dean Wixom and Lyle Hess already. Part of my deal with Dean was that I would get hull #100 if we ever got that far. Well as you know we did get a lot farther then that with the boats. I built your boat myself after work and on week ends. I designed the interior in your boat for myself but it was quickly adopted as an option and this is the basic layout of all the boats now. Lyle and Dean spent a lot of time up in the boat when I was building her and I had the boat about seven years before selling her to Ted Stewart. I have another Nor’Sea 27 now which I bought to rebuild and I haven’t had time to work on her for two years. It might take retirement before that can happen.. If you put a real stretch on it you could say that your boat is the only scratch built Nor’Sea 27 because I got to take it from the lofting stage all the way through to finishing it, with 99 boats in between of course.
Anyway I just wanted to get in touch with you after I saw your note. I am still in love with the Nor’Sea and still consider it a privilege to have gotten to build the original plugs. Bye for now

Terry Baylorthe light is beautiful in this one Thanks David for the Pictures!

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